The magic of being simultaneously inside one’s comfort zone and outside it: Jeffrey has been able to strike the most graceful and fruitful of balances when it comes to making sure participants are stretched to their potential, without sacrificing the warmth and guidance that stand as testament to a gifted teacher and acting coach.”

—Ani Elizaveta, Los Angeles / New York.


The Monday Night Acting Lab

Monday evenings
Online cycle from 13 December 2021 – 17 January 2022.
7:30P – 9:30P (Pacific)

The purpose of The Monday Night Acting Lab is to empower actors across all degrees of experience to unlock—and continue exploring how they can release—the vitality of the actor within themselves.

Through exercises, projects, challenges, and games, the Monday Night Acting Lab offers a safe space to train and play.  Participate in The Monday Night Acting Lab to:

  1. Start. Or cleanse your palate and start afresh.
  2. Explore exercises, games, and challenges to help you continue building the bridges between your imagination, empathy, body, and voice.
  3. Explore exercises, games, and challenges to help you connect to scene partners with courage, trust, authenticity and spontaneity.
  4. Discover, name, and receive support navigating obstacles or habits that stifle your results as a performer.
  5. Conduct monologue preparation with coaching and support.
  6. Approach partner work and scene study through the lens of specific goals.
  7. Experiment, play, and work through frustration or feelings of failure with support and coaching.

In the upcoming online cycle, beginning 13 December 2021, particular space will be made for questions and challenges around choosing and refining monologues, in preparation for upcoming auditions like the P.A.T.A. generals.

You are welcome here. Come to discover, tiptoe or leap into work that actually matters to you. There is space for you here.

Intro to acting

Tuesday evenings
In person at Mt. Hood Community College
7:30P – 9:30P
Next term: 4 January -15 March, 2022

This is a welcoming and beginner friendly class for adults to explore acting fundamentals and core principles. Through group and solo work, exercises, challenges and games, this weekly class offers a safe space for actors and acting curious souls to dip their toes into multiple facets of work actors do, while building bridges between their imagination, empathy, body, and voice as tools for expression and communication. Ages 18 and older, please.

Shakespeare Support

11:30a – 1:30p (Pacific)
Online cycle from 9 January 2022 – 27 February 2022.

Shakespeare is at once a profoundly human artist, but a highly divisive playwright. His language frustrates many, yet many others would gladly spend their lives exploring little else, and a unique few have built careers working on Shakespeare.  Regardless of how you personally feel about Shakespeare’s style, in the centuries since his death, no other playwright’s body of work has seen quite the same scope of lasting impact.

This class is intended to help actors grow more comfortable and confident working with Shakespeare. We will explore tools, exercises, and processes for untangling Shakespeare’s text, as well as use the space as a practice ground for interpreting and embodying his language by workshopping speeches and scene work.

Come as you are, and let’s explore this absolutely unique playwright in a safe zone for curiosity and frustration, free from judgment. Curiosity always wins!

The thing that makes Jeffrey stand out to me is how good he is at bringing out YOUR brilliance. He doesn’t impose anything but instead, like any good teacher, helps you discover your own excellence. His coaching is insightful, deeply useful, expertly tailored to YOU.

Lyra Butler-Denman, Portland.

One of the best acting classes I’ve been to in quite a while. And I studied with Uta Hagen, AADA, Meisner and Actors from The Actor’s Studio in NY. I know a thing or two about acting classes.

— Damon Millican, Portland. (About Jeffrey’s Monday Night Acting Lab).